What To Expect

First Visit

Your first ND visit will be approximately 1hour in length. We will take a detailed history, perform a brief physical exam and then depending on your complaints recommend dietary and lifestyle changes. Supplements are recommended based on individual cases.

Subsequent Visits

Naturopathic Medicine is supporting the natural healing properties of the body, and therefore things take time to work. While the subsequent visits are based on individual complaints, they are usually about 4 weeks apart. The follow ups will be about 15-30min in length depending on the patient.

Do I Have To Make Dietary Changes?

Diet is an essential component to health. It is usually imperative in most cases, that your diet be altered to assist in the healing process. That being said, our philosophy is to work with each individual patient and make sure that we are meeting their needs. Therefore, it is our promise that no patient will leave our offices feeling overwhelmed at the changes they are asked to make.

If I Come, Do I Have To Take Supplements?

Supplements are recommended on an individual basis, and prescribed because there is a deficiency, or your body needs some encouragement to heal. With any supplement prescribed, patients are given options and together we come up with what is right for that individual.

Is This Covered By Insurance?

Most extended health care plans will cover Naturopathic Services, check with your individual provider

Do You Perform Any Tests?

All tests are again prescribed on an individual basis. Check the services section of the website for a detailed explanation of some of the tests we can use.