Vibrant Pregnancy

Detoxify and Optimize your Health Before Pregnancy

Nothing is more important to women than the health of their unborn child.  Women make the hard choices to not eat certain foods,  and give up certain things they may love like alcohol and coffee not so much for themselves, but because they know it is not good for the baby. We all have the best intentions.

There is a new area of research called fetal origins, the study of where adult disease can actually get its start during fetal development .  Subtle effects on the fetus that causes low birth weight, can contribute to disease such as increased instance of death, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.  The research is also stating that underweight babies can contribute to overweight adults.

These subtle effects are turning out to be environmental toxins and chemicals.

In the western world, we live in such a toxic environment that even when we are trying to minimize our exposure, we are being bombarded from every angle. Detoxing was a terms that use to be something that only people working directly with toxic chemicals may need to do, or some fad that the “stars” were doing. The reality is, every person is exposed to chemicals every day by simply living their lives. When you eat, drive a car, breathe, travel in a plane, use certain products around your house, have a hobby or remodel your home you are exposing yourself to toxins.  Did you know that according to the Environmental Working Group, the average women is exposed to over 200 different toxins before they leave for work in the morning?

Dr William Rea explains toxicity by using the rain barrel analogy, where drops of rain collect in a rain barrel. If enough rain is collected in the barrel and it is never emptied then it starts to overflow, rust and bacteria or mold grow in the water. This is similar to peoples toxic exposure, toxins keep building up and eventually disease presents as this rainbarrel overflows.   Since toxins can pass through the placental barrier, consider what effect this toxic environment has on our developing embryo and fetus  It is known that one of the most effective ways to detox is through excretion, this means sweat, the air we breathe our, our bowels, urine and yes even our breastmilk.  While breast is best, it can be one of the easiest ways that women detoxify passing this toxic soup on to the newborn baby.

Don’t take our word for it! The Environmental Working Group did a study where they looked at the umbilical cords of 10 newborn babies. The study tested for 413 different chemicals. All 10 newborns had chemicals in their umbilical cords, and 287 of the 413 chemicals tested for were found. Chemicals that were found were those such as polybrominated diphenylethers, which are flame retardants that accumulate in human fat tissue. Bisphenol A, a component in plastic bottle, and the lining in metal cans which has potential reproductive toxicity. Another being Perfluorooctainoic acid (PFOA) which is a byproduct of the chemical that is used to create nonstick pots and pans. Amoung other things, this chemical seems to have a link to thyroid dysfunction.

The woman’s body takes 116 days to mature an egg, and the male sperm is matured in 72days. This means that the health of the female and male 3-4 months prior to conception is going to influence the genetic potential of their offspring. There is a concept that is emerging called epigenetics which is a term for the effect that the environment has on our genes. We know that genes are not static, and they pick up information from the environment which determines how they are expressed. We can send then good information or poor information based on our choices, but the exciting point is we do have an influence on our genetic potential. The even more exciting part is scientists are now determining that our choices before conception and in-utero may be able to influence the health of our offspring for 2 generations.

We have the power to influence our genetic potential and effect the health of our offspring by optimizing our nutrition, reducing our stress, exercising, detoxifying and removing the offending chemicals.

While this is an important concept to implement at any time, it is an amazing gift to your child to be able to start them with as clean of a slate as possible.

In this program, you will:

  • Detoxify your body to create an optimal environment for your baby
  • Learn what to eat, and when to eat it to create a healthy pregnancy
  • Learn what foods to increase, and others to avoid
  • Learn about organic, and which foods are recommended
  • Learn about what supplements to take to optimize your pregnancy
  • Learn about common household toxins, and products that you should be removing from your lifestyle when you are pregnant and in preconception
  • Learn about different nutritional ways to support your immune system when you are pregnant
  • Learn how to Chart your cycles to optimize your fertility
  • And much more!

The program includes 3 Visits. Ideally, the first visit will be at least 4 months prior to conception. One more visit before pregnancy, and then one visit in the 1st trimester to ensure proper nutrition and supplementation.   If this doesn’t work with your conception plan, please use the form below to contact us and someone will answer your questions about alternative arrangements.

Cost of Program is $300 +HST (can be claimed under extended health benefits)

Supplements may be prescribed on an individual basis, and are not included in the price of the program.

The patient has the option to test for different toxins before conception. All tests are done through Rocky Mountain Analyticial

The most common tests are the heavy metal analysis, and the toxic core panel.

For more information, or to ask questions, please email fill out the form below.

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