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12-Day September Kick-Start

Although it is sad to see summer over, it also provides us with a great opportunity to create better routines and kick bad habits.

Life is about feast and famine, we have been doing it for centuries. The trouble is in modern days we seem to skip over the famine part!  Before getting into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, September is a great time to reset our system from some potential bad habits that have crept in over the summer.

We can do anything for 12 days, but 12 days is also a powerful way to be able to reset our system back into healthier habits.

I advise all of my patients, and personally do this reset myself in September and January.

Starting on a Monday of your choice, you will continue this for 12 days ending on the following Friday.  

  1. Remove the following foods from your diet
  • Grains
  • Sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Dairy
  • Alcohol


  1. Eat Three Meals/day and cut out all other snacking – when you are hungry between meals drink water, sparkling water or herbal tea


  1. Many people suggest to cut out coffee – I don’t this this 🙂  It makes me feel very happy in the morning, and I am not using it to wake up. I either drink it black or blend it with coconut oil. Coconut milk during this cleanse would also be acceptable. I do drink lemon water in the morning, and drink enough water that me urine is clear for the remainder of the day


  1. Move daily – this could include walking or a work out


  1. Get to Bed by 10pm – often times summer tends to come with later bedtimes, and lack of routine – so getting this back on track will help you feel more energized


To kick start your cleanse even further you can choose to put in one of our detox protein powders (opti GHI or ultraclear), all of these are $5 off this month


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