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February, 2014 |
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  • Blog,  Recipes

    3 Ingredient White Chocolate Candies

    Dazzle your friends and family with these healthy valentine’s day candies. Vanessa forwarded this bloggers website to me and I have been really enjoying her creations. Check her out: Her recipes are all grain free, so great for those on low grain plans. Important: Make sure that your bowl, blender, and all other equipment are completely dry, or the chocolate will separate! Ingredients: 1/4 cup + 1 tablespoon ground freeze-dried strawberries 1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons melted coconut butter/cream concentrate…

  • Blog,  Supplements

    Are the Omega 3 Fatty Acids in my Diet Enough?

    There is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic, so I thought I would provide a summary of the latest research on why supplementation is now being viewed as critical. Q: What is an EFA A: An EFA is an essential fatty acid, essential meaning that the body does not manufacture it and it has to be obtained from the diet. The only 2 essential fatty acids are LA (Omega 6 linoleic acid) which is found in foods such as…

  • Blog,  Physiotherapy

    Pelvic Physiotherapy for Painful Intercourse

    With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is fitting to talk about human sexuality and how our quality of life can be affected when intercourse becomes painful. Human sexuality is defined as “ …the ways in which we experience and express ourselves as sexual beings. Our awareness of ourselves as females or males is part of our sexuality, as is the capacity we have for erotic experiences and responses. Our sexuality is an essential part of ourselves, whether or not…