5 Fun And Easy Halloween Treats

image021) White Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts

Dip strawberries in melted white chocolate and let harder. Then pipette on chocolate eyes and a mouth. You can also do this with other fruits like bananas, grapes, melon etc.


2) Grape Eyeballs

This picture shows them slightly different then I did mine last year, but you will get the idea. I took some icing and put it on the grape (or you could use marshmellow like she did) and
and then stick a chocolate chip on for the eyeball.


3) Orange Pumpkins

Super easy, yet super cute. Peel mini oranges and then stick a piece of cut celery in the centre for the stem.


4) The Spider Devilled Egg

Eggs and olives yum! Make your favourite deviled egg, and then cut a black olive in half. Use one half for the spiders body and the cut the other half in 6 small strips for the spiders legs.


5) Halloween Hummus

Oh so easy, and oh so fun. Peel 5 carrots, some longer than others to look like 4 fingers and a thumb. Use some hummus to paste on either a pumpkin seed or sliced almond to look like  a fingernail. Stick them in your favourite homemade or store bought hummus. My favourite store bought is Fontaine Sante (can be purchased at the health food store or Costco).

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