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5 Tips for Increasing Water Intake (And why it’s important!)

Most people are looking for the next magic key to weight loss. From green coffee bean to green tea extract we are in constantly in search of the “answer”.   The search often becomes so detailed and complex that we miss the basics.


While I believe there are many basics to weight management like timing, frequency and quality of food choices – the other large basic that we should all be focused on is the amount of water we consume each day.


To give you a few basic reasons why water is so important, consider that up to 70% of your body weight is water and your bowels and kidneys depend on proper hydration for proper function. If that is not enough studies show that even mild dehydration (1-3% of body weight) can influence brain function. When people become dehydrated, they can exhibit changes in mood, energy levels and it is a major contributing factor for headaches.


When it comes to weight loss, I am a huge supporter of drinking water and not eating between meals. It is one of those things I call a “twofer” – meaning two for the price of one. Not only are you able to hydrate for health, but proper hydration will increase satiety and reduce overall caloric consumption.


While there no scientific evidence to say that we need 2L of water each day, it is a good guideline to follow. The best way to ensure proper hydration is to make sure that your urine is pale yellow or clear and odorless during the day.   

**note that if you take Bvitamins your urine will be fluorescent – but it will still be clear, and not dark


Tips to Drink More Water


I have to admit that I am a TERRIBLE water consumer.  The goods news for you is that I have figured out all of the tricks to make it easy and enjoyable to drink more fluids.


Here are my top 5!


  1. Invest in a Great Container

I know it sounds ridiculous, but you are going to be far more likely to consume water if you like the vehicle it comes in. For some people this might be the a mug or for others it might be a nice new shiny container. I recently have found this large mug that works well,  it holds a lot of water and I don’t have to open the container to drink it. For other people, they might want a shiny new container that keeps their water cold all day. Doesn’t matter what it is for you – but the vehicle is important.


  1. Fill the Container in the morning and after lunch

I tend to turn my water consumption into a game for myself. I fill up my mug in the morning, and then the goal is to drink it before lunch. I do the same thing after lunch and have to drink it before I leave at the end of the day.  As an aside, it has been found that water consumption 30min before meals will help with satiety and reduce the tendency to overeat.


  1. Make Cold Tea

People are often asking how to make their water taste more exciting. Why not try cold tea!

Fruit teas work really well, I also like passion tea from TAZO.

Brew the tea and then put it over ice. If you need a little bit of sweetness you can add some stevia.


  1. Sparkle it!

Sparkling water is my favourite thing to do at night after dinner. We have a Soda Stream, which has been a great investment and has saved me and the landfill site from excessive perrier bottles.

  1. Infused Water

This has to be my new favourite experiment!

Get a large mason jar and fill it with water and ice, and then add your choice of infusion. Leave this overnight in the fridge and you will have delicious water by morning.

A few of my favourite combinations

-mint and cucumber

-orange and lemon slices

-sliced strawberry with lemon wedges and fresh mint

-orange slices with blueberries

-watermelon and mint

-orange slices and cilantro


Although the amount of infusion you put in is based on personal preference, I often put about 5-6 leaves of mint, 4-5 thin slices of citrus or cucumber, and a small handful of other fruit.

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