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A New Tool in My Toolbox

This is Charles – the Jon Bon Jovi of Metabolism.



I am always trying to improve my clinical skills and find new ways to help patients improve their health.

I have recently taken a Metabolic Analytics course from Charles Poliquin. Many of you may not know who this is, but he is the Jon Bon Jovi of Metabolism!

He has worked with professional athletes for years and has developed a program that can determine hormone imbalances based on where people distribute fat.

I have used the BIA (Bio-Impedence Analysis) Machine for years to get a general sense on body fat. I still love this apcaliper-backproach and use it everyday.  The fat calipers allow for more precise analytics of where people store body fat.  I wanted this tool to be able to help those whose fat loss is stubborn to be able to really target these hormonal imbalances.

Using this technique, 14 body fat points are measured on the body. These measurements are then entered into a computer program to analyze overall body fat as well as be able to determine where on the body is most out of balance. Each area (or group of areas) relates to different hormonal systems. From here we can either run more blood work or design a program specific to the individual.

If you would like this done, you can email [email protected] to book in or bring shorts and/or sports bra to your next appointment!

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