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Access Face Lift

The Facelift has been around for many years and now is often referred to as ‘Facial Rejuvenation’.  The most widely recognized method is surgery and it can be broken down into a full, upper, middle, lower or neck lift.  Another approach is the “Liquid Facelift” and it uses derma fillers and other injectables.   Two well-known brands are JUVEDERM and BOTOX.   A lesser known injectable treatment is the “Vampire Facelift” and it takes the patient’s own platelet rich plasma and injects it.

A far less invasive approach is a facelift using acupuncture.  It is said to have minimal discomfort and from what I can see the length of the sessions seems to vary somewhat.   The most common recommendation (from my research) is to have 10-15 treatments and then maintenance treatments every 2 months.

Now I would like to present another option – one far less known but none the less still very effective – an energy facelift.  Similar to acupuncture 15-20 treatments are recommended but there is not a scheduled maintenance program afterwards.  How the facelift holds seems to be very individual.  Some people will not require any follow-up sessions for many months or even years.  Others will feel it would be good to come in again within 6 months.  

The Access Face Lift is an amazing process which reverses the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body.  In the methods mentioned above the face (or treatment area) is all that receives any benefits.  How amazing would it be for your whole body to feel better?  Some women have commented that their breasts are higher, that their stomach feels firmer.   As with all energy work it is not possible to say what you and your body will experience.  As with all energy work you will feel a total sense of relaxation after each treatment, perhaps less pain in the body and this energy will stay with you for days afterwards.  Your whole body will benefit!   

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