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Energy Work at Vibrant Living

We are excited to have Karen Leslie back working with us at the front desk and as a practitioner one day per week! Here’s a bit more about Karen’s work, in her own words.

Some of you may recognize me when you see me as I worked at the desk for a year about two years ago. Now I am back working at the desk again, but also as a practitioner on Fridays.

For over 18 years now I have been working with energy in a variety of different ways. I have my Masters level in a few different modalities and then there is a list of other methods I have studied. Plus I have been using crystals and gem essences occasionally in my sessions. Most recently I have added making Malas and jewellery to my list of services.

Energy work is not very well known by everyone and it is actually a little difficult to put into words what a typical session would be like. Since all of us are all unique most sessions are also unique. I think the greatest disservice we can give ourselves is to expect a treatment/session to be the same as or similar to someone else’s.

What can an energy treatment help with?

Short answer – anything.

Brain fog or confusion, physical trauma or injury for healing and pain, after surgery for healing and pain, letting go of past trauma, life transitions, when feeling stuck, feeling fearful or anxious, dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts or PTSD. Energy work will assist with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns. It is helpful for both acute and chronic conditions.

Who is energy work appropriate for?

Everyone! My clients to date range from 16 months to 82 years old.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. Just arrive in comfortable clothes. You will be lying on a massage table fully clothed. There will be soft sounds in the background and a cozy blanket over you. The lights will be low so you can relax or even fall asleep. The option to talk or stay quiet is completely up to you. Neither is better or more effective.

What can I expect?

Now this is a hard question to answer. Almost everyone (never claim 100% of anything) will feel a great sense of relaxation and calmness or increased energy. If you are familiar with ‘massage head’ where you feel a little ‘floaty or spacey’ after a massage you may experience something very similar. Many people leave feeling they have a better outlook on life/their day. There can also be a reduction in pain if your body is dealing with that. In addition, you may during the session feel a variety of sensations such as: warmth, coolness, lightness, heaviness on the table, tingling, pulsing etc…… and whatever you may be feeling could change a few times during the session. And then there will be a few people who will ‘feel’ nothing but just feel better afterwards. As I mentioned we are all unique and our experiences will also be unique. Even from one session to the next things can be totally different.

How long is a session?

I offer 60 and 90 minute sessions.

I am happy to offer 30 minute complementary sessions to people so they can ask questions and also get a sense of what the energy may feel like (remember it can change). I am also happy to communicate via email if you would like to ask a few questions.

You can connect with me at [email protected].

I am super excited to be coming back to Vibrant Living in both of my capacities.

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