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How Has Energy Work Helped Me?

I was first introduced to energy work while away on vacation with my children over 20 years ago.   My youngest son (age 2 ½) sprained his wrist.  A friend I was travelling with did some Reiki to help him.  I saw no difference when she was done and thought nothing of it.  The next day my son fell again and called for my friend and not his mom!  So, he must have felt better after the Reiki.   This began my journey.  Fast forward many years and I was using Reiki (or other modalities) to help me personally with depression, anxiety and general fear of myself and being with people – even family.  I feel like my bouts of depression began around age 16.  By 21 I was dealing with anorexia, by 35 suicidal thoughts were common.  In writing this I wonder how my husband felt hearing me say that our children are better off without me and I trust him to be able to take care of them – that he will help them heal from their shock and grief.  

Receiving energy treatments always helped to ease the emotional pain, but to be 100% honest it never truly took it away.  This was partly because I was looking to others to do the work for me and partly because I had not yet found the right modality for me.  

My most recent (and last) thoughts of suicide were 2 ½ years ago.  I am being very honest here; suicide has not crossed my mind since then and I am so grateful for this!  Since this time, I have tremendously reduced my feelings of anxiety, I do not feel depressed, I am far more comfortable with being with people and I am generally a very happy person now.

So, what facilitated this huge change????

The Bars!  An energy modality that completely rocked my world/life.  I have not been the same since having my Bars run regularly.  Why this worked so well is hard to explain, but it does work.  Thinking differently, using questions and clearing statements and having my Bars run has given me a brand new life!

If you would like to talk to me more about my journey or how I may be able to help you on yours, please come in a see me.   I offer 30 minute complimentary sessions or you can book an initial appointment.  There are many ways to approach mental health, but finding the way that best fits each of us can be a difficult journey in and of itself.  I would love to help you if I can.

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