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How to Quickly Reduce Stress

Heading back to school (or even work after a nice vacation) can bring a unique set of stressors to everyone in the family.  One of the tools I use to ease the feeling of stress or overwhelmed is super simple and very quick.

What you need to do is think about the energy around your body; just think about the space around you.  Then have the intention of this space/energy expanding out in all directions.  You are taking the bubble of space and making it a really big bubble!  Expand it beyond the room you are in, beyond the building you are in, beyond your city, beyond the province etc…..   Take it as far as you wish or as far as your imagination can go.   Then say to yourself “Barriers Down, Barriers Down, Barriers Down” and let yourself just be in this huge space for a moment.

If you bring your attention back to what it was that was bothering you, you will notice that it does not seem as big of a problem anymore.   When we make ourselves larger we can then look at what is troubling us and see that it is much easier to handle from this point of view.

We are all amazing (especially our children) at picking up what other people are feeling or thinking on a subconscious level.   Then we somehow take these thoughts/feelings and decide that they are ours when in actual fact they are not.  So, try expanding out and letting your Barriers Down and see how this quick technique can make your days much easier.  Children of all ages can also do this so please share this with your kids.   No one needs to know what you are doing, just do this for you.

If you would like more information on this please let me know by either booking a free consult time at the clinic or emailing me at [email protected]

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