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Osteopathy For Your Spring Chicks!

Osteopathy offers a safe, gentle and effective manual therapy that aims to treat the body from the inside out. An osteopathic manual practitioner incorporates an in-depth knowledge of the body’s anatomy and physiology.

Treatment acknowledges the importance of relationships between all of the body systems to address the cause of the problem, rather than treating based on symptoms.

Osteopathy may be a wonderful treatment option for your spring chick!

Babies, toddlers and children respond very well to this type of treatment.

Whether there is a specific issue or you feel things are not quite right in areas such as sleep, feeding or mood, osteopathic treatment may be able to help your child.

The birthing process itself can create many structural problems for babies. This may present itself with symptoms of colic, reflux, asymmetry’s of the head, torticollis or feeding difficulties. Babies and children are great at telling us what’s wrong if we listen and know their signs.  Some babies may cry when they are in the car seat or during tummy time. Without treatment, these symptoms may ease or change into new concerns. Children that walk on their toes or “W” sit are also displaying signs of structural problems.  Osteopathy may also help with constipation, ear infections, visual dysfunctions or bed wetting.

Seeking treatment for these childhood concerns can put your child at ease and make them much happier!

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share my personal experience with Christine.

When my twins were born, our son Nate wasn’t pooping and he also had terrible gas. He was visibly uncomfortable, and the longer he went without a poop the more uncomfortable he would be.

I detected that there were things in my diet that I was eating that were upsetting him, and he also went on a probiotic. These things helped, but there was still something missing. We took him in to see Christine when he was about 2 weeks old, and right after her treatment he fell asleep in the car seat (which never happened) and had a great bowel movement that day. It took about 4 treatments for him and I am happy to say that he is now a pooping champ! I have been now recommending to all of my pregnant moms that they take their babies to Christine for an assessment as another aspect of their preventative health program.

Thanks Christine,

Robin Walsh

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