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Painful Periods? The Power of Acupressure.

Acupressure is a self empowering, wellness practice, you can do right from home!  Unfortunately, not all acupoints respond to acupressure, as some are just too deep to be accessible through this means and are best therapeutically accessed with needles (acupuncture).  However, some points do respond well to this simple technique, as seen with this study looking at painful periods and acupressure.   

Check out this #RelevantResearch that highlights the impact acupressure can have.  This study was looking at intervening with acupressure and the effect that that had on women who experience painful periods.  The results…improved quality of life measures, shortened period pain, and reduced period pain intensity.  This was accomplished by simply intervening 20 minutes per day on an average of 5 days preceding menses.  

My geeky self loves research, and I find it fascinating.  Check out the full article here, and the video!  



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