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RECIPE: Banana Pancakes

Wanting pancakes, a healthy breakfast, and no fuss?  I present you, the simple, 3 ingredient BANANA PANCAKE!

They’re tasty, simple, and nutritious, and really only 3 ingredients.  Eggs, cinnamon, and a banana, really that’s it.  However, you can spruce them up, if you’re feeling like adding a bit extra, but I’ll get into that later.

So why do banana pancakes make a good breakfast addition, snack, or dessert? They’re surprisingly delicious beyond what you’d think being so basic, and they pack a good punch of protein, with approximately 12g of protein per pancake!  Our bodies need protein; it’s vital for normal functioning and repair.  Protein also acts to increase satiety, and balance out the effect of the carbohydrate from the banana on your blood sugar.  So, you feel full longer, and with lessening the spikes and dips in blood sugar, you feel less sleepy and less energy void!  If you do not have a food intolerance to eggs (it’s a very common food sensitivity) or any other applicable allergies, give these pancakes a try!

1 Banana Pancake

  • 1 banana-mashed
  • 2 eggs whisked in with the mashed banana
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon (I’m pretty generous here)

And voila, there you have it! Pour into a pan (you may need to grease the pan-I generally use coconut oil), and one flip later you have yourself a yummy breakfast delight!

Feeling extra hungry? Wanting to spruce it up or make it a bit more hearty? Before putting it in the pan, try adding some quick cooking oats, ground flax seed, and coconut oil!  This makes for a more filling, less sweet version, but still one of my favorites.

Give it a try!



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