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Say “No” to Receipts



Say No to Receipts

While BPA has been removed from many plastics, it still exists is in cashier receipts.  The EPA has determined that the amount of BPA in the receipts is far below toxic limit, and there is no other product that currently appears safer. Therefore, receipts continue to be manufactured containing this toxic substance.

The reality is, studies have shown that 90min after handling receipts, BPA will still show up in the urine and serum (1) Things like hand sanitizer, lotions, and sunscreens will make the skin more permeable and increase absorption of these chemicals into circulation.

BPS the cousin to BPA and present in “BPA free” receipts appears to be no better. Although slightly less estrogenic than BPA, it still presents many of the same risks.

So what to do. Some experts say don’t worry, but your can’t deny the questionable data especially for cashiers and those that use a lot of hand sanitizer.

My advice is do what you can!!  Many times in the world of toxicity it is the cumulative effect of toxins that present the problem, not one single toxin on its own.  Many stay that with toxins  1 +1 = 50, not 2. BPA might be fine in studies alone but combined with your exposure to flame retardants, pesticides, herbicides, and phthalates they pose a problem. Real life studies of the safety of all of these things combined and their complex interactions are rarely done. Studies just show that low levels of a single chemical are fine. We all know that no one is exposed to just one tiny chemical.

The other side to the coin is you don’t want to get stressed out about this. Your objective is to educate yourself and then do the best you can. While sticking your head in the sand and pretending this reality doesn’t exist isn’t good, neither is stressing out about every chemical exposure.


Here are 3 easy tips to minimize your exposure.

  1. If you don’t need the receipt, say “no thank you”
  2. Reduce the use of hand sanitizers…we don’t need them and they often contain triclosan another known carcinogen
  3. If you know you are going to handle receipts,  try to avoid using hand lotions and/or sunscreens before touching the receipts (ie don’t put hand lotion on in the check out at the grocery store!!)


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