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The Turkey Is Not Making You Tired

I was driving to work yesterday morning, and heard on the radio a common comment at this time of year about being “turkey tired”.

It is true that turkey is a rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid that helps to boost serotonin levels in the brain. The truth however is that turkey is no higher in tryptophan than other forms of poultry and gram for gram cheese is a higher source.  If this sage wisdom was true we would feel like this after every meal that contained poultry or cheese.

So Why So Tired After Christmas Dinner?

While this is not going to come as a shock to many, it is the overeating, excess carbohydrates and alcohol that are really to blame.

3 Tips to Ensure that you will be Awake and Alert 2 hours after Christmas Dinner

  1. Mindful Eating – Challenge yourself to savour each bite of your Christmas meal and be the last one to finish. Focus on tasting each bite, and chewing 20times. This will ensure that your stomach has a chance to communicate to your brain that you are full to avoid overeating
  2. Protein Is Greater or Equal to the Size of your Starch – when you put together your Christmas plate try to make sure that your turkey is the same size as your starches (stuffing, potatoes, yams, squash), and that you fill half of your plate with low starch vegetables (anything green)
  3. Plan you Indulge – At this time of year we tend to mindlessly eat things because, “It’s Christmas” and because it is there. Go into each event with your plan. What really makes your happy, and what could you live without. Only indulge in things that make you totally joyful!!  For me it will be wine and shortbread cookies!!

Wishing you the Happiest and Healthiest Holiday Season!

PS – Just a reminder we are closed until January 2nd, 2017 at 10am.

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