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Top 8 Things Your Child Should Be Doing To Prevent Obesity


Although this is an older study published in a 2008 edition of BMC Public Health all of the points are still valid today.

This study looked at a wide range of preschool regulations in 50 American States.

This study reviewed the eight particular characteristics that the authors notes as key to preventing obesity.

8 Things Your Child Should Do To Help Prevent Obesity:

  1. Children have free access to water
  2. Sugar-sweetened beverages are limited
  3. Foods of low nutritional value are limited
  4. Children are not forced to eat
  5. Food is not used as a reward
  6. Support is provided for breast-feeding and the provision of breast milk
  7. Screen time is limited
  8. Physical activity is required daily – recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics is a minimum of 60min of activity for any child over the age of 2.

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