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Why do I Ask So Many Questions?


If you have met me you may know the answer to this question.  For those who I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet I will explain.

I have absolutely no idea how many questions I ask during a typical day.  It may be 70 or it could even be 700.  My world revolves around questions and the best part of this is that I never worry about what the answers might be or if I even get an answer.  For me, questions have been the focus on how I think for a number of years now.

I used questions for figure out what to write about today.  I had a few topics pop into my head (judgment, connection between our bodies and happiness ….) but beyond titles nothing was happening.  So, I asked a couple of questions.   I have no idea what I asked now, but it lead me to the awareness of writing about asking questions.

Most people have heard the phrase “ask and you shall receive”.  I totally believe in this phrase and not just because it is in the Bible, but because it works.  This is a universal law.  However, and yes there is a BUT, it really depends on how you ask.  Questions are the cornerstone to creation and there is a structure to help with how to use them.   

Questions need to be asked from the place of curiosity and wonderment.  Do not ask questions with the answer already in your thoughts.  Questions open doors and allow the universe to offer you multiple choices.  Your next job is to let yourself be open or aware of those choices when they arrive.  When you recognize these options, pick one and see what happens next.  Then ask another question like “what else is possible now?”.  Another key point is to also remember that it’s not about controlling when it shows up.  It’s about allowing it to show up and being willing to receive it when it does.  If you put a time limit on when you will accept something to show up for you, you put restrictions on your ability to receive.

Questions you can start with:

How does it get any better than this?

What else is possible now?

What needs to change here?

How can today turn out better than I could possibly imagine?


I wonder how playing with questions can change your day today?

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