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Why Instant Gratification and Weight Loss Should Never be in the Same Sentence.


In this digital age, it seems that we are wired to expect instant gratification with everything. I am no longer use to waiting for my computer to turn on, or hearing back from a friend or even getting an answer to a question. All of these daily functions are at our fingertips. Don’t get me wrong…most of the time, I love it!  In many ways I am thrilled that we have so much access to fast information. The downside to this, is that we have the expectation that this instant gratification should trickle into every part of our life.

A conversation that I have multiple times a day is trying to convince people why rapid weight loss is not in their best interest. Why losing 1lb of fat a week is optimal weight loss, and when they achieve this why they are doing a good job. In my practice I mainly see 2 types of clients…those that cannot lose weight despite every diet plan or those that have tried crash diets and want a different approach.  With every client we talk about optimal weight loss, and set realistic goals. It is important to me that my clients see progress, but I try very hard to squash the notion that they should lose 30lbs in a month like cousin Sally did on program “x”.

We would all love to have what we want yesterday, but sometimes instant gratification is not in our best interest long term.

Here are 3 important reasons why Instant Gratification is not be a part of Lasting Weight Loss.

1. Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy.

Things that come to us in life without effort are often the things that we take for granted. We all hear the stories and some of us have probably lived them. You do a crash diet, lose the weight only to put it all back on and more. People that lose weight quickly, are more inclined to gain weight quickly.  There are a number of reasons for this, including not changing their habits (listed below) and altering metabolism.   One of the most important reasons however is if weight loss was rapid, consciously or subconsciously your brain tells you that you don’t need to worry if you are putting on the weight because you can just lose it again. It allows you to rationalize….this is a stressful time, this is a happy time, a celebration, vacation, christmas…whatever. When life gets hard, instead of dedicating the time to take care of yourself you tell yourself that you are too busy to eat properly. You rationalize with yourself to say that it is okay to put weight on, because it will be easy to crash diet and lose when the stress is over.

2. Lasting Change Requires Establishing New Habits

On a lifestyle program, we set realistic boundaries surrounding life events and you get to practice coming on and off the program. You get to experience birthdays, dinners out, vacation, Christmas, stressful times and you are coached on how to negotiate all of these events in a real life setting. Yes you can eat birthday cake on your birthday…but you must exercise, and get back on track the next morning. It allows you to live a plan that you could do forever and learn how to navigate real life situations

3. Vibrant Health is an Investment

Investing in your Vibrant Health is part time job, that is worth every second of your time. The benefits of lifestyle based weight loss far exceed being able to fit into your skinny jeans. Vibrant energy, better sleep, better skin, digestion, focus, less pain, less inflammation…not to mention preventing chronic disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and dementia. Like any good investment, this one also takes time…to grow, mature and develop. I can guarantee you that you will be happier and healthier having a lasting lifestyle change…even if it does take you a little longer than some programs to fit into those skinny jeans.

Invest in yourself…be kind and patient to yourself….most importantly celebrate every small win.


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