Dr. Anita Kieswetter, BSc, ND

Dr Anita Kieswetter, BSc, ND Mission Statement
I am truly fascinated in the healing power of the body and nature. I recall in anatomy lab, the first thing that came to mind was “wow, the human body is the best computer ever invented!” So, let’s honour and discover all it can do for you while considering all the tools that nature has to offer! Who am I and What I Offer
Extensive naturopathic experience – Close to two decades of work experience – helping others is my passion! Being personable, yet professional, and being loyal and dependable are important to me.
Extensive life experience – Breast cancer survivor and thriver since 2006 – this has shaped me into the individual and Naturopathic Doctor I am today. It has given me insight, knowledge, compassion, strength, and resilience. This is what I pass on to my patients.
Individualized medicine – I use all the tools in my toolbox to guide and assist each patient during their health journey to get to the root of their health concerns. Treatment options may include functional medicine, nutritional and lifestyle counselling, acupuncture, homeopathy, and personalized genetic nutrition.
Time and commitment – I offer you my time commitment through listening, researching and spending countless hours participating in continuing education. Learning is also my passion and I believe in combining the old, as well as the new, to give you the best care. Areas of Focus
I believe in treating each person individually, therefore, I am able to treat most health concerns, however, my key focus areas include:
Hormonal health – Assisting women with all hormone related conditions and the transitions of life.
Digestive health – Considered to be the root of overall health and wellness, I will always consider this an important piece of overall health but also have treated many specific digestive complaints over the years.
Breast cancer prevention, support, and breast cancer recovery – I am committed to helping women regain their health, strength and power, through and after their treatment. It’s personal!
Mental health and wellbeing – Commonly forgotten and under-addressed. Addressing the mind-body connection is just as important if not more to achieving overall health and wellness.
Stress – There is no doubt life is stressful these days. Stress can cause numerous health conditions, however, it can also trigger underlying health issues to resurface. My goal is to assist the body to cope and handle stress and to help my patients find balance again in their life. Education/Qualifications
• Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2004 – Naturopathic Doctor
• University of Waterloo – Honours Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry Cooperative, 1997
• Environmental (Chartered) Chemist- 1997-2001
• Additional certifications include: First Line Therapy (FLT) Certification, Masters Class Graduate in Homeopathy (with the late Dr. G. Gueniot), Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Other Fun Facts
• Travel, nature and health enthusiast
• Wife to Dan; fur-mama to Roxi
• Born and raised in Welland, Ontario until I moved to Waterloo to attend university and I never left. I love the Waterloo and Niagara Regions.
• A proud first generation Canadian to Italian immigrants who worked hard to give their daughters everything they could. I love my Italian heritage – the food, the country, the passion….and did I mention the food?!