Vibrant health is your body’s natural state. When you’re in alignment you feel energized, comfortable, and like everything just works.

If that’s not how you feel, you may be out of alignment, which can show up as:

  • experiencing aches and pains (or any sort of discomfort)
  • feeling overwhelmed by ongoing stress
  • doing everything ‘right’ but not seeing the results you want
  • having discomfort during or after your pregnancy
  • struggling with sleep, digestion, mood, hormones

The list goes on. Basically, if you’re feeling less peace and ease in your body (and your life) than you’d like or you want to optimize your health as much as possible I invite you to consider having a detailed nervous system assessment.


Your nervous system controls every single function of your body. It keeps your heart beating, your stomach digesting, and your muscles moving. It’s how you live your entire life.

And the great news is that using the most advanced technology we can now measure how well yours is functioning, making the invisible visible.

This cutting-edge, non-invasive functional testing is significant on many levels allowing us to:

  • analyze what’s going on with you more accurately
  • take the guess-work out of how to get you where you want to be
  • track the effectiveness of your care
  • detect problems before they ever show up

Here’s a sample scan so you can see what we’ll be able to measure:

Once we have a clear picture we’ll be able to apply specific, extremely gentle chiropractic adjustments using an instrument. Adjustments work to remove any nervous system interference and help create peace and ease within your body so that you can function and thrive at your highest potential.

So, how’s your nervous system doing?

Not sure? Book an appointment to find out!