Dr. Kristine Newman BScH, DC, CACCP

Kristine Newman

Are you tired of feeling worn out, in pain, or simply “not like yourself”?

Do you dream of feeling healthy, vibrant, and comfortable in your skin?

Hi, I’m Dr. Kristine Newman and while I’m new to the area, after nearly 20 years of helping people live happier, healthier lives I know it’s possible for you too.

Now you may be thinking: how can she be sure this is true for ME?


Your body never ‘forgets’ how to be healthy. And state-of-the-art functional testing shows us exactly what’s getting in the way.

From there, every specific, gentle adjustment is expertly tailored for you to:

  • Release accumulated tension and nervous system blockages (these definitely get in the way of you feeling your best)
  • Reset your body’s natural, deep healing capabilities
  • Reconnect you to your body (body literacy = noticing and understanding your body’s unique cues and signals)

Forget everything you think you know about chiropractic care and instead imagine a life filled with energy, vibrant health and a zest for life. No matter where you are today (which we can and will measure) this is possible.

Feeling curious? I invite you to drkristinenewman.ca for more.

Hope to see you soon and may something wonderful happen to you today,

Kristine Newman DC, CACCP