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Seven Shores Green Smoothie Challenge

By Robin Walsh, ND | September 27, 2010

Green Smoothie 5 Day Challenge – October 12th to 16th We challenge you to join us and Seven Shores and drink one Green Smoothie each day for 5 Days – starting after Thanksgiving Weekend from Tuesday Oct.12th to Saturday Oct. 16th.   See how…

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Taking Care of Your Body from the Inside and Out

By Robin Walsh, ND | September 6, 2010

We often talk about what we can do to heal our body and optimize our health by what we eat and put inside our body.  While most healing does come from within, there is a new and natural way Vibrant…

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Second Annual Community Wide Cleanse

By Robin Walsh, ND | April 18, 2010

Dear Community Member; After the outstanding success of the 1st Annual Community Wide Spring Cleanse we did last May, we’ve decided to keep the tradition going and help member of the community improve their health with another cleanse this year!…

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