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Why a Properly Fitted Backpack is Important for a Healthy Spine

In addition to providing them healthy snacks and lunches, sufficient sleep and time for relaxation and play, it is important to teach our kids how to properly wear a backpack. Carrying a heavy or uneven load can result in poor posture, and over time change the alignment of the spinal column. This can cause muscle strain, headaches, back and arm pain.

Check out these tips!

Choose the right backpack: Go for a lightweight material that has two wide, adjustable and padded shoulder straps along with a hip or waist strap.

Pack it properly: Pack only what is needed for that day and ensure that the weight is distributed evenly. Put heavier items at the back of the pack closest to the spine. Distribute contents into different pockets.

Wearing it right: Both shoulder straps should be used and adjusted so that the pack fits snugly to the body without dangling to the side or dragging too low. Use the waist strap when possible. The total weight of the filled backpack should be no more than 15% of the child’s body weight.

A child weighing 59lbs should be carrying a backpack that weighs no more than 9lbs. A child weighing 76lbs should be carrying a backpack that weighs no more than 11lbs.

Maintaining good health in youth may help prevent back problems later in life. Pack it light and wear it right!

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