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    Keto Mojito

    This Keto Mojito is light and refreshing and under 4 carbs each! Perfect keto cocktail for all of your summer festivities!  Ingredients 4 leaves Mint fresh 2 tbsp Lime Juice fresh 2 packets Granulated Sweetener of choice 1/2 cup club soda 1 1/2 ounce of your favorite vodka Lime Slice for Garnish optional Ice Instructions Using a muddler or other utensil, smash fresh mint leaves with lime and sweetener. Fill an 8-ounce glass with ice Add vodka Finish off with club soda Garnish with a lime slice and mint https://moscatomom.com/about//about/

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    Is Any Amount of Alcohol Safe?

    Alcohol: Is any amount safe?  So you will notice that I saved this beauty for after the Christmas season 🙂 This is one of the most heated nutrition topics around. I posted a study a couple of months ago that stated that moderate amounts of alcohol was correlated with better health outcomes than no alcohol. We also know that the blue zones which contain the most amount of centurions will consume a glass of red wine daily. When these studies…