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babybel halloween snacks

Cute and easy HALLOWEEN SNACKS FOR KIDS! Easy Babybel cheese monsters. Serve this healthy snack for Halloween class parties or Halloween party appetizers


  • Babybel cheese rounds
  • small scissors
  • candy eyes in an assortment of sizes (mini, regular size, jumbo)
  • tiny circle cutter (optional)
  • light corn syrup (optional)


  1. For all of the designs except for the scream, peel off the center strip. Gently separate the red wax from the cheese around the opening. Use the scissors to snip patterns. For the scream, press the tiny circle cutter onto the cheese round to remove the red wax.
  2. .
    For the eyes, either rest the eye on the cheese round OR, if desired, use a toothpick to dab light corn syrup on the back of the candy eyes and attach.

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