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Dry Skin Brushing- Taking care of your body’s largest organ!

Many people are aware that our skin is the largest organ of the body, but how many people are familiar with a wellness practice to take care of it??  As a regular practice, or specifically done as part of a supervised detox., DRY SKIN BRUSHING is a great way to help take care of our skin, and to promote its functions!

Our skin is so important, as a key player in our innate immune system, acting as a barrier from outside foreign invaders, to its role as an organ of elimination, to its amazing ability to produce Vitamin D, the skin does a lot! So let’s take care of it, and promote its optimal function!

One of the ways we can do this is through the regular practice of dry skin brushing.  Dry skin brushing is just as it sounds, it involves brushing your skin.  Dry skin brushing sloughs off dead skin cells, and stimulates the skin.   It brings increased circulation to skin and promotes healthy, toned skin.   Be aware of not over-doing it though.  You should not be dry skin brushing more frequently than every 2-3 days, as this could create dependency from the body.

What you need:

  • A skin massaging brush or a loofah

So, how is it done?

I find it works well to fit in dry skin brushing right before your shower.  So, jump in the shower, and begin at your right foot.  You want to make sure your feet are warm to begin with, so if they’re not, run some warm water over them first, to warm them up.  Another note, avoid any rashes or lesions on the skin, you don’t want to brush over these areas.

When you are ready to begin, you are going to brush up your foot and leg, stroking in the direction of your heart.  You don’t want to damage the skin, but slight pinkening of the skin is good. After completing the right leg, go on to the left.  Include the buttocks too, but avoid the genitals.  For your abdomen, brush in a clockwise direction, and for your chest, brush in a figure-8 configuration around your breasts (you too men-you have breast tissue too!).   Next, move to your hands and arms, just as you did with your feet and legs, one at a time, towards the heart. Finally, finish with your back.  Brushes with long handles are ideal for reaching those hard-to- reach areas of your back.

And there you have it, in no time at all (3-5 minutes), you’ve supported your largest organ!  Give it a try, and enjoy the invigorating feeling that dry skin brushing leaves!

In summary: 

R leg ->L leg ->abdomen ->chest ->R arm ->L arm ->back

-Avoid your genitals and face, and don’t dry skin brush more often than every 2-3 days!




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