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Electromagnetic Frequency and Your Health

Over the past couple of months, issues of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) have graced mainstream media and with any hot topic, reviews are mixed.

What is agreed upon is that the long term effects of EMF is not known, and increased exposure has been shown to be harmful to your health.

Public exposure to radiation has increased dramatically over the past 20years mainly from wireless transmission devices. It is estimated that over 4 billion people worldwide are holding cordless or cell phones next to their head for minutes to hours a day.

Sources of EMF fields can come from any electrical devices including:

  • Microwave, stove, refridgerator
  • Electrical wall baseboards and heaters
  • TV, computer
  • Hair dryer, electrical blanket, electric tools, air conditioner
  • Clock radios
  • Power transmission lines

Sources of RadioFrequency (higher end of the EMF spectrum):

  • Baby monitors
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Cordless phones, cell phones
  • Wireless Technology

Possible Health Implications with RF Fields


Substantial evidence suggests that EMF can damage DNA and modify gene expression and lead to altered cellular function. The INTERPHONE study group conducted by the WHO found and increased risk of malignant bran tumours called gliomas. These studies showed an increased incidence of gliomas when cell and cordless phones were used for more than 10years and predominately on one side of the head.

The International Association for Research on Cancer classifies EMF as a carcinogen based on a 25 year study between the association between EMF and risk of childhood leukemia. They found further evidence that suggests an increased risk of childhood leukemia following maternal exposure to EMF during pregnancy.

Specifically related to Radiofrequency children and adolescence seem to be more at risk that adults.   Researchers have suggested that it is because childrens brains are still developing and their skulls are much thinner than adults. Therefore some worldwide governments and organizations are warning against cell phone use by children.

Other Possible Health Implications of Radio Frequency

Sleep, Learning and Memory

Melatonin is the hormone that is produced at night to control sleep and aid in the learning and memory process.  It has been found that RF exposure reduces the production of melatonin.

While all of these points can be challenged and debated, the bottom line is we are being exposed to many more frequencies than ever before and we don’t know for sure what the longer term effects are going to be. Because these frequencies are invisible, I think many of us including myself don’t even think about how many waves are passing through our brains every second.  Then, when I put my blackberry beside the radio and it is buzzing and beeping every 30seconds, it sort of makes me wonder…

I would be naïve to say that we need to abolish all technology! As I always say, I will not ask you to do anything that I would not be prepared to do myself.  Living in a very technologically savy family we have all of the latest gadgets and gizmos, however we do try to do what we can to limit our exposure.

Tips To Limit Your Exposure

Here are some things that we have implemented in our own family to reduce our negative exposure.

  • Due to the negative exposure of EMF/RF on sleeping, keep all electrical devices 1metre away from all beds at night
    • Clock radio, TV
    • Due to childrens developing brains, keep all baby monitors at least 3m away from the crib/bed
  • Avoid the use of electric blankets and use hot water bottles or bean bags instead
  • Avoid the use of microwave ovens (for more than this reason…it also completely destroys the nutrition in your foods) or if you do use it stand away 1m
  • When possible cook on the rear elements of the electric stove
  • Limit the amount of time with cell or cordless phones beside your head, use speaker phone or texting/email instead
  • Strongly discourage children and adolescents from using cell phones
  • Do not use cell phones if there is low reception as it causes power surges
  • Avoid using cell phones if pregnant or carrying small children
  • Avoid living within 1km of major cell phone or power stations
  • Do not put your laptop on your lap, use a table or make sure that there is at least 6inches between your lap and the device

If you have more tips, please post them below in the comments!

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