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Three Week Busting Belly Fat Challenge

January is the best time to reset and get ready for the year ahead! This year I’m sharing my cleanse that I do every year after the holidays. Whether you are on a weight loss or weight maintenance program, resets are necessary to maintain or create vibrant health.

December is about the wonderful feasts….carbs, sugars, alcohol and indulging!  All of these practices raise insulin and tell our body to store fat. January is an opportunity  to focus on the reset – the famine with a goal of reducing our levels of insulin to allow our bodies to effectively burn fat. Hormonal imbalances will dictate where we store our fat. Belly fat and love handles are the result of two hormonal imbalances insulin and cortisol.  In order to reduce that weight around the middle we need to reduce our level of insulin.

If you are ready to start 2019 off with a bang and reset from those Christmas holiday festivities, this cleanse is for you!

During our first week will aggressively target insulin by doing a 7-day cleanse called the intense week. We will eat unlimited vegetables and healthy fats as well as Ultra Meal 360 Cardio, a protein powder designed to target insulin.

First 7 Days

  • 3-4 Ultra Meal 360 Cardio Shakes with water
  • Unlimited vegetables (except corn, white potato, sweet potato, parsnip, beet and squash)
  • Fats – olive, avocado or coconut oil, avocados and olives
  • Salt, pepper and lemon

Sample Day

  • Breakfast Ultra Meal 360 with water
  • Lunch Ultra Meal 360 with water and salad with lemon/olive oil and sea salt dressing
  • Snack – Ultra Meal 360 with water (if needed)
  • Dinner – Ultra Meal 360 with steamed vegetables and coconut oil and salt

Simple and easy!  You will need two containers of these delicious shake containers! Order them today in chocolate, vanilla or pear. Starting this week they are on sale for you to prepare for your cleanse.

The second two weeks’  meal plans will be emailed to you after completing week one!  These recipes will help us enjoy meals that are delicious, nutritious and low carb.

To join me on our belly fat cleanse, please email [email protected]..

Cheers to a Vibrant 2019!


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