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Healthy, No-Bake “Sugar” Cookie Energy Bites
Makes approx 40 healthy, simple, buttery, sweet tasting bites of energy packed deliciousness

Ingredients –

1 cup cashews (I used raw, unsalted)

6 Medjool dates, pits removed

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

a pinch of salt flakes


Method –

1 – Place cashews in your food processor/blender and pulse until crumbly, you want there to still be a few bigger chunks to give the bites some nice texture.

2 – Add dates and pulse until the mixture starts to come together into a sticky, loose “dough”.

3 – Add vanilla extract and salt flakes and pulse again until combined.

4 – Using your hands, roll approx 1 heaping teaspoon of cookie dough into little bite size balls then transfer to an airtight container (or even just a ziplock bag) and store in the fridge required ← that’s right, I said required.

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