The Toss Up: An Orange and A Vitamin C Tablet, do they both land equally?

This takes me back to 1st year botanical medicine within my Naturopathic medical education.  My professor was highlighting the concept of synergy among plants, and how together the pieces together are greater than the whole.

Within botanical medicine, and through diet, parts of the plants (or constituents) can work together, and play off each other, augmenting an outcome that surpasses what would be expected with the individual parts on their own.

This leads to the example that my professor provided.  An orange and supplemental vitamin C are not a one-to-one comparison.  Essentially, in relation to the orange, the supplemental vitamin C can be thought of as a segment of the orange.  A piece of the puzzle has been removed.  Using this same example, with the orange, the pieces (or constituents) vitamin C being one of them, work together to create a cohesive picture.  The vitamin C is a piece of that puzzle.

This is not a bash on supplemental vitamin C.  It’s often used therapeutically within Naturopathic Medicine, and it’s used within my practice.  It simply was used to illustrate a point.

Our scientific understanding is restricted by limitations when it comes to fully grasping the intricacies of all that goes on with the dance of food, plants and our bodies.

-Realizing the shortcomings of complete comprehension, while humbly appreciating????

Food for thought????

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