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How Much Weight do I Need to Lose to Positively Influence my Health?

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Less than you think!


Now don’t get me wrong, I always strive to encourage my patients to optimize their health and body composition. Positively influencing your health and achieving optimal health are different. At the same time achieving optimal health seems like an overwhelming project for many people. So overwhelming in fact that they get started, only to fall off the wagon because they feel like they are never going to get there, or ever make a difference.


As with any problem, success comes in being able to take baby steps, chunk it down and acknowledge small wins along the way.


Don’t take my word for it!


Research is currently being done at the Joslin Diabetes Centre at Harvard to how lifestyle influences patients with diabetes.  It has been known for a while that improving your lifestyle to help you lose as little as 10-15lbs can help to prevent type 2 diabetes.


Dr. Hamdy and his colleagues at the Joslin Diabetes Centre have shown that losing a similar amount of weight, or approximately 7 percent of your total body weight can rev up your insulin action and reverse the course of type 2 diabetes or prevent the development of health problems associated with it.


Participants of these studies went through a 12 weeks program at the Joslin Diabetes Centre and many with supervision were able to cut down their diabetic medication or go off of them completely all while keeping their diabetes under control.


Discover the power of Lifestyle Medicine. Let us help you on your Journey to Optimal Health!


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