The Benefits of Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is an age-old practice with much recent re-invigoration. In fact, it is said the Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to perfect the art of aromatherapy with the Greeks and Romans enhancing the scientific component of this practice.

Today, Aromatherapy is an effective natural treatment for a variety of health and skin concerns. In North America, we practice Holistic Aromatherapy in the alternative health sphere while in Europe, they practice Medical Aromatherapy in the more conventional medical sphere.

Holistic Aromatherapists/Aromatologists work with clients to treat pre-diagnosed skin and health concerns from a whole-lifestyle perspective. This brings us to the first major benefit – focus on the whole person. We look to treat a client’s concerns with consideration for each unique lifestyle, body, and preference. Not only do we offer a customized therapy, but we also offer lifestyle recommendations to support our treatment plans.

Aromatherapy involves the use and/or application of essential oils for improving or maintaining health and beauty. Though essential oils are marketed and sold freely in stores in Canada, these potent vials can be both beneficial and dangerous to different people in different situations. For example, though cinnamon may be a good oil for sore muscles its use is discouraged for clients with hypertension. In addition, there is a long list of oils whose use is discouraged during pregnancy and lactation. This bring us to the second major benefit of Aromatherapy – a professional opinion. A registered Aromatherapist/Aromatologist will be able to recommend and advise on the best oils for your unique situation in life.

Essential oils, when used therapeutically by a registered professional, have great potential to positively affect the body. Safe application is certainly a benefit of Aromatherapy. An Aromatherapist/Aromatologist will recommend application topically or via inhalation or maybe both. We never recommend ingesting essential oils as this is not considered a safe practice.

Finally, perhaps the greatest benefit of Aromatherapy is the customization. After an initial consultation, whether for skincare or for natural health, I create a customized therapeutic product for my client. This could be a topical oil, lotion or cream, a blend for the bath, a massage oil, or could be a special blend for diffusing. The specific oils used in each product differ based on the individual. For example, a skincare client who has been dealing with eczema and hasn’t had much luck with over-the-counter or prescription treatments will receive a customized treatment that is more likely to be effective because it is tailored to his/her lifestyle and needs as well as to the skin issue. The fact that this product is completely natural is an added bonus.


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  1. My wife has been searching for something new that can help her body feel a little better. After reading your article, I feel that Aromatherapy is a really good idea. I know that she hasn’t tried it yet, and from what I read, she’ll love it. That way I can be sure she tries something that can help her feel like a new person.

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