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    Stress and Perception: Can stress be lowered through our perception of reality?

      What do you see here?  What are your lenses?  How are you perceiving your reality?   Stress-A little is beneficial, too much can be wreaking havoc for our health Stress, we can all relate, at one time or another, to being stressed-out and the experienced effects of too much stress: mood changes, exhaustion, trouble sleeping, changes in appetite and diet etc.  Maybe you’ve caught yourself thinking or saying: “I’m stressed-out” “I’m at the end of my rope” “I’m feeling…

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    The Turkey Is Not Making You Tired

    I was driving to work yesterday morning, and heard on the radio a common comment at this time of year about being “turkey tired”. It is true that turkey is a rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid that helps to boost serotonin levels in the brain. The truth however is that turkey is no higher in tryptophan than other forms of poultry and gram for gram cheese is a higher source.  If this sage wisdom was true we would feel…

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    People Pleasers Unite

        Article By: Amanda Weber, Happiness Coach Calling All People Pleasers! Yes, I’m talking to you! The person who said yes even though in the pit of your stomach you swore you wouldn’t.  The beautiful soul who so hated to confront conflict that she said yes to that project at work that she really didn’t even feel qualified, let alone the bandwidth, to do.  And yes, that person who loves her kids so much that she puts them…

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    How Do You Want to Wake Up New Years Day?

    After spending over a decade in practice you start to see patterns in human behaviours.  Depending on the time of year, you can anticipate some of the conversations you are going to have with patients when coaching them on lifestyle medicine.  As soon as mid November comes, you can start to feel the shift in focus from people following and enjoying their lifestyle plan to gearing themselves up for the holiday season.  For many you can hear it in their…

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    Finding Balance in Our Often “Over-Scheduled” Lives

    Do you wear busyness like a badge of honour awarding yourself brownie points for multi-tasking, functioning on little sleep and skipping lunches? Are you often overwhelmed by the over-scheduled nature of life? Early alarm clocks, breakfast on the go, kids to school, you to work, meetings, the gym when energy permits, dinner, homework, the dog!, lunches packed, teeth brushed, crash and repeat… Seeking balance in your day when it resembles an over-flowing cup of coffee can seem out of reach.…