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    Why Your GUT is important for Thyroid Function

    If you have read any of my earlier blogs, you will know that I am a huge promoter of trying to dig to the deeper level of thyroid imbalances. While TSH is the main hormone that is tested, it doesn’t always explain the whole picture. Many times thyroid health depends on a complex interplay between the active thyroid hormone T3, reverse T3, inflammation, stress and sex hormones.     For proper thyroid function to happen, the T4 in your body…

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    Hormonal Influence on Weight Loss

    I have the privilege of working with individuals everyday who are motivated to optimize their health. So motivated in fact, that many have been on an exhausting journey for years trying to figure out their bodies recipe for success. Since I do a lot of lifestyle management and weight loss, many of these individuals have been to countless programs and tried countless diets, cleanses and products in search for their answer. Many of them are told to eat less, and…

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    I Feel Like I Have a Thyroid Problem…But my Blood Work is Normal

    In Naturopathic Medicine, the principal is always to treat the person and not just the blood work. For us, using blood work is a tool to be able to determine imbalances, but sometimes patient symptoms and blood work do not add up. A typical scenario that we see in clinic is a patient coming in with every hypothyroid symptom and normal thyroid blood work.  Despite their blood work not showing anything, they are still convinced that there is something wrong and they are usually right.…