Healthy Hormones

Going Alcohol Free: Strategies For Success

Are you confused about the trending alcohol recommendations? Wait a minute, last year alcohol in moderation was good for me and this year it’s not? For many years, it was widely accepted that moderate alcohol use was actually healthy, in the absence of alcohol dependency or health problems exacerbated by alcohol. But new research now suggests that even small amounts of alcohol can have negative effects on your health. And the growing legions of the sober-curious report increased well-being, lower rates of depressions, and better sleep.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: What You Need to Know

Few areas of health care are as plagued by competing claims and confusion as hormone therapy, but when approached with a holistic perspective under medical supervision, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be life-changing.  Here are some answers to common questions about bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT). What Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy? The chemical structure of bioidentical …

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Addressing Mineral Deficiencies

Many people looking to optimize their health will focus on vitamins, but minerals are equally as vital! Each cell in our body requires minerals, and without the correct levels they tend not to function optimally. We need minerals for maintaining a healthy gut, brain, and bones, as well as a strong immune system. Let’s dive …

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Headaches: A Natural Solution Guide

Headaches are a common condition that most people will experience at some point in their lives. Often they make it difficult to go to work or school, so non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), such as Ibuprofen or Advil, are used to relieve symptoms.  However, these superficial treatments do not address the root cause of chronic …

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Hormone Harmony: How to Find Balance Naturally

Your well-being relies on a complex balance of many hormones, including testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline, insulin, and thyroid hormone. Each of these plays an important role in supporting your body’s functions, but even a slight imbalance in hormone levels can wreak havoc – often in unexpected ways.  Our hormones often become imbalanced in response to problems …

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